Creative Play Encouraged by Pteranodon Puppet

You don’t have to have access to your very own exhibition company to bring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals to life.  For all budding palaeontologists, a prehistoric animal  hand-puppet may be all that is required for your young dinosaur fans to go off on their own dinosaur land adventures.  Everything Dinosaur has introduced a Pteranodon puppet into their extensive prehistoric animal toy range.

Pteranodon Puppet

Just added to the Everything Dinosaur range of soft toys is this super, soft and cuddly Pteranodon hand-puppet.  The puppet is big enough to allow an adult’s hand to fit inside so Mums and Dads can join in the fun too.

Pteranodon (Pterosaur) Hand-Puppet from Everything Dinosaur

Bright and colourful hand-puppet of a Cretaceous pterosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Late Cretaceous Flying Reptile

The puppet represents the head of a large, Late Cretaceous flying reptile an animal known as Pteranodon.  Pteranodon fossils have been found in many parts of the world and some types of this pterosaur had wingspans in excess of six metres in diameter.  The hand-puppet shows the toothless beak of this large reptile and even has a bright and colourful crest on the back of the head, just like the real fossils of this animal that lived at the end of the Age of Reptiles.

Puppets are great for encouraging creative play amongst children.  They can make up their own stories and go on adventures with their fish-eating, flying reptile friends.  We adored the cute, pink and curly tongue on our hand-puppet and these soft toys proved very popular when we put them on test with our field researchers.

To view the wide range of dinosaur and pterosaur soft toys and an array of prehistoric plush available from Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Pterosaur and Dinosaur Soft Toys.

So no excuses then, children can create their own “Jurassic Park” theatre company with prehistoric animal hand-puppets.