Team Members Praised for their Articles

It is always a pleasure to hear nice things about Everything Dinosaur.  We all work hard to deliver the best customer service that we can and this web log (all 1,650 articles), has become an important tool in our attempts to help communicate new research in Earth Science to a wider audience.

Over the next twelve months or so, we will remain committed to writing at least once a day, helping to produce articles covering subjects as diverse as new fossil discoveries, updates on research, outlines regarding museum exhibitions and so on.  We have received praised from a number of other organisations as we try to bring scientific topics to a wider audience.

Helping to Spread the Word about Earth Science

Using such excellent formats and platforms such as the Everything Dinosaur E-zine articles, we shall strive to get at least two hundred extra articles published up on this article platform in 2012. With articles already on E-zines as diverse as “Winning Ways with Dinosaur Party Food” and articles on the origins of life on Earth, their certainly is an eclectic mix. If we achieve our aims this would mean that there would be nearly three hundred published articles by Everything Dinosaur authors on this media.

Nice to hear the Everything Dinosaur’s article writing ability is being praised.

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