Dinosaur Picture Viewer

A handy little dinosaur picture viewer has just been added to the Everything Dinosaur product range, sales of which help support the Natural History Museum in London.    Simply insert one of the three, robust discs that comes with the viewer, hold it up to the light and look through the special lens and you will be treated to images of dinosaurs and important dinosaur fossils, with all the images having come from the Museum’s collection.

Dinosaur Picture Viewer

The Dinosaur Picture Viewer

Bring your favourite dinosaurs into focus.

The beautiful and full colour images depict a number of very popular dinosaurs including Triceratops, Giganotosaurus, Stegosaurus, Psittacosaurus and of course T. rex.  The viewer also enables young dinosaur fans to view actual dinosaur fossils including a close up of the head of “Dippy” the Diplodocus – D. carnegii, the huge long-necked dinosaur that stands in the entrance hall to the museum.  As the Diplodocus head is several metres in the air, it is not possible to view this museum exhibit very closely, however, thanks to this little gadget, this is no longer a problem.

One of the Fearsome Giganotosaurus Illustrations from the Viewer

Biggest land carnivore known to science?

The picture above shows one of the detailed images, this dinosaur picture viewer is bound to get young dinosaur fans roaring with excitement.

To see more details of the product range available at Everything Dinosaur: Everything Dinosaur.

Complete with a handy lanyard so that  young dinosaur fans can wear their picture viewer and as it has the logo of the Natural History Museum on the front they will feel just like a real palaeontologist.  It is a wonderful addition to Everything Dinosaur’s range of dinosaur party items.

Sales of this product support the Natural History Museum.