We Appreciate the Letter from a School

After one of our team members visited a primary school the other day to help the young pupils with their dinosaur topic which they have been studying for the term, we received a lovely thank you letter from the children and their teacher.  The children signed the letter and explained which parts of our teaching session they enjoyed the most.  Clementine thought that learning about new dinosaur facts was the best bit, whilst Freya was surprised at the size of the ammonites we brought with us.  Niamh, Lukas and Oliver were really excited when the fossil teeth they helped to make came out of the mould OK.

The Letter from the Children

School thank you letter signed by the children.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Holne Chase Primary School

Always a pleasure to hear from schools that we visit, glad we were able to help the young dinosaur fans with their studies with a visit from Everything Dinosaur to teach about dinosaurs in schools.

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