CollectA to include Dinosaur Groups in their Model Range

One of the problems associated with making models of small, bipedal dinosaurs is how to make the end product stable.  Certain types of dinosaurs are notoriously difficult to sculpt and cast as they have small legs.  Coelurosaurs and small ornithopods are typical of the more difficult types of dinosaurs to make models of.  No one wants to make a model of a dinosaur that does not stand up.  Over the years we have advised on a number of methods and techniques to help overcome this difficulty.  For example, some animals are given slightly over-sized feet, or they are given a base upon which to stand.


CollectA have opted for a slightly different approach which allows them to depict what would be difficult to make dinosaurs such as hypsilophodonts, and to put them into natural looking models – they have grouped them into flocks.

The first two groups depicted in this way will by Hypsilophodon and Koreaceratops (horned dinosaur).  The models are set onto a sturdy plastic base, this overcomes any inherent difficulties in getting the dinosaur to stand up due to its anatomy.

The Hypsilophodont Family Group (CollectA Dinosaurs)

A flock of hypsilophodonts.

The hypsilophodon group is about 1.50 inches high to the top of the new fern growth.  The figures themselves are around an inch in height for the adults but much smaller for the immature individuals.  At this size, this group of dinosaurs will work well with other not-to-scale models in the CollectA Prehistoric Life series.

Hypsilophodon Dinosaur Model

So for all those Hypsilophodon fans, the wait is nearly over…

To view replicas of hypsilophodonts and iguanodontid dinosaurs: CollectA Dinosaur Models.