New Edition to the Papo “Dinosaures” Model Range – Ankylosaurus

The Everything Dinosaur video review of the new dinosaur model Ankylosaurus introduced by Papo of France.  A fine example of a model of an armoured dinosaur.  In this video we provide a little more information about the discovery of Ankylosaurus magniventris and compare and contrast the model’s features with the known fossil material of the Late Cretaceous herbivore.

The Papo Ankylosaurus Model Video Review

Everything Dinosaur’s Review of the Papo Ankylosaurus dinosaur model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Ankylosaurus Model

The Papo “Les Dinosaures” model range has expanded this year with the introduction of three models, of these the Ankylosaurus is the last to be introduced.  The entire range, more appropriately called prehistoric animals due to the inclusion of replicas of Smilodon, cavemen, a Woolly Mammoth plus a marine reptile and a pterosaur consists of nineteen models.

We know that the French manufacturer has plans to greatly expand their “Les Dinosaures” range of prehistoric animal figures.  We remain committed to supporting Papo and hope to see more models of armoured dinosaurs added to the Papo range in the future.

To view the dinosaur models available from Everything Dinosaur, including the Papo “Les Dinosaures” model range: Papo Models and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

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