A Review of the New “Prehistoric Times” Issue 98

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“Prehistoric Times” Summer Edition – A Review

The countdown to issue 100 of the quarterly magazine “Prehistoric Times” is well underway and to whet our appetites somewhat issue 98 (summer 2011) arrived yesterday.  The front cover features superb artwork from Mark Hallett, in an illustration he calls “The Inheritors” he depicts two contrasting types of mammals that roamed Wyoming 33 million years ago – a prehistoric rabbit (Paleolagus haydeni) and the huge Brontops robustus.

Brontotherium in all their bizarre shapes and forms are depicted inside the magazine with an article written by Phil Hore and illustrated by readers artwork.  The featured dinosaur is Tenontosaurus an ornithopod forever associated with the meat-eater Deinonychus, but there is much more to this dinosaur than that and an article “fleshes” out what we know about this highly successful genera.

The CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Tenontosaurus Model

CollectA Tenontosaurus model.

The CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Tenontosaurus model.

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The Stance of Sauropods

Tracy Lee Ford’s contribution is a continuation into his assessment of the stance of sauropods.  Were they capable of bipedalism or indeed adopting a tripodal stance?  The evidence and arguments are thoughtfully presented along with helpful and informative anatomical drawings.  Of particular interest was the preamble on the early scientific studies regarding sauropod stance, this helps to put the current theories into their proper context and it is always a pleasure to be reminded of those theories (that persisted until the 1970s) that these long-necked herbivores were mainly aquatic.

The Front Cover Illustration of “Prehistoric Times” (Issue 98)

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

Paul McFarland reviews Dinosaur theme parks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and there is the usual update on model releases and new kits plus part two of the interview with palaeo-artist Ricardo Delgado.  All-in-all this issue of “Prehistoric Times” is jam-packed with information, artwork and articles – well worth the subscription.

Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times.