Colombian Police Discover Rare Fossils

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Rare Andean Fossils Discovered by Colombian Police

The illicit smuggling of fossils out of South America is big business.  Many people are tempted to smuggle by lucrative black market prices for dinosaur and other prehistoric animal fossils.  Such smuggling is not just limited to South America, but Colombian police have struck a blow for the scientific community by intercepting a parcel containing twenty-six rare fossils at the airport that serves the city of Florencia (south east Colombia).  Colombian police have disrupted fossil smuggling.

Dinosaur Fossils

The bones make up parts of larger skeletons of the prehistoric mammals and reptiles.  These are animals that once lived in South America.  The fossils are now in custody being examined by experts in order to determine their exact origin.

Workers at the Colombian institutes of Anthropology and History and of Geology and Minerals have determined that the bones date from the Mesozoic and most likely from the Jurassic, dating the fossils at somewhere between 150-200 million years old.

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