Discover a New Age of Learning with the Open University

At Everything Dinosaur, we take very seriously our Open University (OU) studies, over the years a number of team members have taken courses with the OU and without the business qualifications team members have gained through their OU studies, we would not have the business we have today.  Recently, Everything Dinosaur was contacted by the Open University with a request to help them promote their work as part of a national advertising campaign for the university.

Everything Dinosaur

Having the right skills and training has never been so important, the jobs market is increasingly difficult and being able to offer an existing employer or indeed a potential employer the right skill set can help you to retain employment or indeed, move up the career ladder.  The very fact that you commit to a rigorous and demanding Open University course is proof of your willingness to work hard and to learn new skills.

Everything Dinosaur Featured in the Guardian Newspaper

Picture permission:  OU/Guardian

OU courses are hard work, but the standard of teaching and learning materials is extremely high and our team members have found their studies immensely rewarding and helpful in their business careers.

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