Carnegie Collection Kronosaurus Model Back in Stock

After a short delay the large Kronosaurus model manufactured by Safari of the United States is back in stock.  This model of a short-necked plesiosaur (called a pliosaur) is part of the Carnegie Collectibles model range.  Meticulously painted all the models in this range are approved by the palaeontologists at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, one of he four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh (USA).

Kronosaurus Model

The Kronosaurus (Kronosaurus queenslandicus) is one of the largest models made by Safari, it measures over thirty centimetres long, a scale model of a marine reptile that may have reached lengths in excess of ten metres. The huge jaws of Kronosaurus measured over 2.5 metres in length.  This animal was a formidable predator, probably the apex predator of the Early Cretaceous.

The Kronosaurus Model from Carnegie

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the Kronosaurus model and the rest of the Carnegie Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animal models, click on the link below:

Carnegie Models including dinosaur and pliosaur models: Safari Ltd Pliosaur and Marine Reptile Models.

Fossils of Kronosaurus have been found in Australia and South America, scientists believe it preyed on large fish, ichthyosaurs and other smaller pliosaurs.   We are glad to have this particular model back in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

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