Up, Up and Away with Some New Banners

Oh, the joys of Adobe Creative Suite 5, it certainly is a powerful piece of software, one that can be quite baffling, especially for us dinosaurs.  However, we at Everything Dinosaur are persevering and slowly but surely becoming a little more confident about using it.

Everything Dinosaur

Being able to open and browse in the “bridge” function has been a revelation.  We have so many pictures and other images that this facility makes finding exactly what we want extremely easy.  No more exasperating searches before we can start work on a project.  The split screen/multi image screen view is also helpful, making it easy to toggle from one image to another.  Simply being able to save our work “specifically for the web or other devices” is also very handy, this will help with the Everything Dinosaur blog a great deal.

One of our Newly Created Banners

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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We would not regard ourselves as competent, not by any means, but with a little effort we are beginning to make progress.  We have created a number of small banners and uploaded them to the main Everything Dinosaur website, our next project will be to try a new large banner for the site.  The banners need to be a specific size and we have had fun learning how to cut out shapes (especially the curves) but we are slowly and surely getting there.