The Lizard from Edmonton

Perhaps somewhat overshadowed by the introduction of an excellent replica of Kaprosuchus, the crocodile that thought it was a lion, Safari have also introduced a model of an Edmontosaurus into the Wild Dinos model range. Team members at Everything Dinosaur review the Wild Dinos Edmontosaurus model.

Named and described by the famous Canadian palaeontologist Lawrence Lambe nearly one hundred years ago, it is a pleasure to see a model of one of the very last duck-billed dinosaurs to evolve to be included once again in a mainstream model range.  After all, this animal was one of the largest hadrosaurs known, reaching lengths in excess of perhaps forty feet.

The New Model of Edmontosaurus

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Wild Dinos Edmontosaurus Model

The model is up to Safari’s usual high standards.  It measures seventeen centimetres long and has been painted a sandy brown colour with lighter tan stripes running along the flanks.  Ironically, the colouration of this particular duck-billed dinosaur has been quite toned down compared to the Carnegie Corythosaurus with its bright green colouration and blue spots that came out a few years ago.  The individual hooves on the feet are well picked out and the face of Edmontosaurus has been painted very well.    The model is not to scale but it works well in association with the Procon/CollectA T. rex and Ankylosaurus, both of which were contemporaries of this last of the hadrosaurs.

The new Kaprosuchus model from Safari may have taken a lot of plaudits, but the Wild Safari Dinos Edmontosaurus dinosaur model  must not be underestimated, it makes a welcome addition to the Wild Dinos range.

To view the Safari Dinosaur model range: Hadrosaur Models from the Wild Dinos Model Range.

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