Safari Ltd to Retire Dilong Model from their Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles Range

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been informed that the Dilong model, part of the Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles range is being retired.  The 1:40 scale model of this feathered dinosaur, was introduced some years ago, it was one of the first feathered dinosaur models introduced by Safari.  The “Emperor Dragon” has proved to be a popular replica.  Dilong is believed to be an ancestor of the tyrannosaurs, the fossils of this little dinosaur that probably reached lengths of not more than two metres long, have been found in north-eastern China (Liaoning Province).

Dilong Model

The fossils have been found in the famous Yixian Formation, their excellent preservation include the impression of simple proto-feathers on the body, indicating that this little dinosaur was warm-blooded.

The Model of Dilong that is Being Retired

Dilong model

Dilong model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Although the body may resemble a primitive coelurosaur, the skull is definitely tyrannosauroid, with strongly bonded front bones and characteristic D-shaped in cross section teeth.  The fossils which showed body feathers were the first indisputable proof that scientists had that early members of the Tyrannosauroidea were covered in feathers.

Safari are still able to offer a wide range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models, many of which are replicas of dinosaurs not seen in other mainstream model series.

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