Spot the Old Fossil

The Open University have requested that they take some photos of our team members for some promotional work they are doing on courses that can be studied through that institution.  Happy to oblige, a couple of us at Everything Dinosaur have been interviewed and this morning we had our photos taken.

Everything Dinosaur

Not sure how photogenic we are but the photographer wanted some pictures of us with various dinosaurs and other items so we assembled a collection from our product range and left it to her to decide what to use and how they were to be laid out.  The Open University is going to be running a promotional campaign focusing on how studying with the OU can help improve your career prospects.

The picture below captures one of our team members deep in conversation with other members of our team, the books on the table are books from the various OU courses  that we have studied.

A Typical Everything Dinosaur Board Meeting

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

So we ended up taking photographs of the photographer taking photographs of us.  Not sure which is the “old fossil” in the picture.

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