Facebook Logo Now on Everything Dinosaur Home Page

Careful not to be regarded as old fossils ourselves, we have been dipping our toes into the amazing world of social networks.  A few months ago we created the Everything Dinosaur Facebook page, and I big thank you for everyone who has already given us a like and become friends with us.

Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

It is interesting to note how many of our colleagues and associates already have a social network presence, we shall endeavour to make our Facebook wall as interesting as possible with pictures of our fossil digs and finds, work in schools, new products and everything and anything to do with our company.  Naturally, we shall continue with the Everything Dinosaur web log, it is a shame that we can’t unite these two sites together but our blog platform currently does not permit this.  Still Facebook gives us yet another way in which we can converse, correspond and generally keep in touch with people.

Please Visit Everything Dinosaur on Facebook and Give our Page a “Like”

Everything Dinosaur on Facebook.

Two thousand likes on Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page.

We have just put the official Facebook log onto the Everything Dinosaur home page, by clicking on this link visitors can see what we have been doing on our Facebook wall.

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