Barcelona’s Footballers Celebrate at the Natural History Museum

After their 3-1 triumph over Manchester United at Wembley on Saturday evening, where would the newly crowned kings of European football go to celebrate their win?  To the Natural History Museum in South Kensington of course, where the likes of  Dani Alves, Andres Iniesta and the mercurial Lionel Messi partied amongst the dinosaurs and other exhibits at this popular tourist attraction.


Four times winners of the European Cup, Barcelona are reported to have paid £30,000 to hire this venue for the evening, the equivalent of less than a day’s pay for their star players.  Having made Manchester United look like footballing dinosaurs in what turned out to be a very one-sided final, it seems fitting that the Barcelona stars and club officials should celebrate amongst the dinosaur exhibits and other ancient artefacts.

When asked about the unusual venue for the post-match party, a spokesman for the Catalonian club stated that Barcelona are not really about players falling out of nightclubs and wanted something which befitted the club’s standing and status.

Although the value of the Barcelona team can be measured in the tens of millions, these young multi-millionaires should feel at home amongst the exhibits as many of the specimens on show are insured for more than the players are worth.

Lionel Messi Finding a T. rex Too Much

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Perhaps Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola will set a new trend amongst the footballing elite with other football clubs choosing museums and other cultural venues to host their end of season parties.  Chelsea’s Christmas party at the V and A?

For models and replicas of dinosaurs and othe prehistoric animal toys: Everything Dinosaur.

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