Committee Acts to Revive a Town’s Dinosaurs

Drumheller, a town in the province of Alberta (Canada) can claim to be the dinosaur capital of that country, what with its close proximity to the Royal Tyrrell Museum and the famous Dinosaur Provincial Park with its amazing Late Cretaceous fossil rich strata.  Unfortunately, some of the most famous landmarks in and around the town, the colourful concrete dinosaurs, are looking a little tired, so a committee has been set up to help organise their restoration.

The concrete dinosaurs, sauropods, horned dinosaurs and plenty of meat-eaters are a feature of this little town and staff at Everything Dinosaur, have taken lots of photographs of these sculptures – they are a source of pride for the community and a tourist attraction in their own right with lots of tourists having their pictures taken alongside them.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Unfortunately, the harsh Canadian winter has led to the cracking and peeling of the paint on many of the sculptures, some have also been vandalised.  Recently, it was decided  that a committee of the Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce should be put together to restore the dinosaurs back to their best and maybe even add a few more.

One of the Spectacular Dinosaur Sculptures at Drumheller

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

One of the committee members, Ed Mah stated that volunteers would be welcome to help with the restoration project.

He said:

“Our goal right now, first and foremost, is the refurbishment of the dinosaurs we have, so we are going through and making sure they are all fixed up and giving them a fresh coat of paint.  We are also looking at fundraising so we can purchase more dinosaurs.”

He went on to say that the fundraising campaign had already started, in a bid to add to the various models on display around the town.  The committee intends to erect a range of different dinosaur sculptures, from realistic ones to more cartoonish examples.

Ed Mah went on to say:

“We are going all over the board, and some of them are literally going to be art pieces.”

About twenty of the dinosaurs are already sponsored by local businesses.  These sponsorship funds are pooled for the maintenance of the prehistoric animals.  However, the current income levels are not enough to pay for all the maintenance work required.


A number of local community groups are already involved in the dinosaur preservation project and the committee hopes to attract even more local residents to help with fund raising, creating and painting the new dinosaur sculptures.

Ed Mah concluded:

“It is exciting, it started with talking about refurbishing what we have and it grew from there.  We have big aspirations at this moment, and I am hoping we are able to pull through.”

A number of Everything Dinosaur team members have visited Drumheller as part of their duties for the company.  It is a beautiful and fascinating place and the dinosaurs are a real attraction in the town.

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