Everything Dinosaur Blog Publishes 1,400th Article

Ever since the Everything Dinosaur web log started all those years ago, we have tried to publish an article on palaeontology, dinosaur or other fossil discoveries and related subjects every single day.  All our team members contribute and we are grateful for all the advice and suggestions we receive from our customers and readers.  This is our 1,400th article and our humble blog has a Google page rank rating of six, something we are all immensely proud of.

Everything Dinosaur

Our aim has always been to inform, to educate and to provide an insight into the Earth sciences and in particular dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  With such a fascinating subject there is always something to comment upon and to reach this milestone is quite remarkable, especially considering that we now have many thousands of readers each month and our output on this weblog has exceeded two million words since we started.

The Everything Dinosaur Logo

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Logo

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We look forward to reaching our 2,800th article, by our estimates that would be sometime around March 2014.

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