Many Happy Returns to Sir David Attenborough

Today, May 8th, is the birthday of Sir David Attenborough, that distinguished naturalist and broadcaster.  We won’t embarrass Sir David by telling you how old he is today, but let’s just say that for someone in their eighties their energy and enthusiasm for the natural world is astonishing.

Sir David Attenborough

In the pictures circulated to celebrate this happy event, Sir David is doing a piece to camera about that most ancient of life forms – sponge.  This was a scene filmed for the recently aired “First Life” documentary that told the story of the development of the first life on Earth.

Currently, Sir David can be heard on BBC Radio 4 (Friday evenings at 8.50pm or thereabouts) providing his personal view of natural events in the “Life Stories Series”.  Very enjoyable they are to.  You can catch the repeat on Sunday mornings at 8.45am and they are well worth a listen.  Sadly, none of us at Everything Dinosaur will be around to hear Friday’s episode, but more about that later (hunting in the Ordovician).  However, thanks to the internet we can tune into this programme anytime up to seven days after it has been broadcast.

Many happy returns to you.

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