A Review of “Prehistoric Times” Magazine (Issue 97)

The latest edition of the magazine known as “Prehistoric Times” has just arrived in the office and what a bumper edition it is.  The front cover shows the rather gory features of an Acrocanthosaurus (theropod dinosaur), as drawn by that talented artist Ricardo Delgado, an interview with Ricardo is featured and his work on the “Age of Reptiles” story series is discussed.  Two often neglected but much admired prehistoric animals are in this magazine.

Firstly, there is Plateosaurus, that leviathan from the Triassic, Phil Hore provides an update on the latest research and information on this member of the Sauropodomorpha.  The second prehistoric animal featured, it is really a group rather than a spotlight on a single genus – is the champosaurs (Champosaurus), long lasting members of the Choristodera, with their crocodilian-like appearance.

“Prehistoric Times”

Gregory S. Paul sets out the latest scientific work on the azhdarchids (giant pterosaurs) and asks the question – were these reptiles bigger than giraffes?  The latest palaeontology news is dealt with in depth (anything that we at Everything Dinosaur have not reported on is covered here), and there is a special section on the genus Giraffatitan.

The Front Cover of “Prehistoric Times” (Issue 97)

“PT” for dinosaur fans.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The magazine includes lots and lots of contributions from readers, the latest dinosaur and prehistoric animal models plus book reviews and a special feature on how to model a Giganotosaurus.

To visit the “Prehistoric Times” website: “Prehistoric Times”.

One article we enjoyed reading in particular, was the spread on the Museu de Paleontologia de Marilla, in Brazil.  Dinosauria are truly a world-wide phenomenon – great pictures and plenty of information about this museum in Sao Paulo state.

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