Dinosaurs on the Beach

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Dinosaur Fossil Sand Mould

Young palaeontologists can create their own Tyrannosaurus rex fossils with this super dinosaur fossil sand mould set.  Ten robust and sturdy plastic pieces that when filled with sand and laid out form the impression of a skeleton of a mighty Tyrannosaurus rex.  Available in two bright and cheerful colours (red and blue), this handy dinosaur fossil casting kit is ideal for the beach and makes a change from building sand castles.

The Dinosaur Fossil Sand Mould Set

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The geological hammer provides a scale just like we do when we find real fossils including dinosaur bones. When the dinosaur fossil sand mould is laid out it produces a sand sculpture that is over ninety centimetres long.

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Let your young dinosaur fans be the envy of other children on the beach with this fun, dinosaur themed item.  The dinosaur fossil sand mould set is also available in blue.

Dinosaurs in the Sand (Dinosaur Fossil Sand Mould)

Fun on the beach with dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Suitable for children from three years and upwards this is a super dinosaur themed beach accessory