Man Survives Attack from Four Metre Crocodile

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Fisherman Survives Mauling by Saltwater Crocodile

Attacks by Saltwater crocodiles are becoming more frequent in Australia as locals and these large, predators come into close contact.  The latest attack involved a fisherman who was dragged into the water by a four-metre long crocodile whilst fishing near the bank of Trunding Creek, near Weipa on western Cape York Peninsula (Queensland).  Todd Bairstow (aged 28) was attacked on Wednesday, police say the man grabbed mangrove branches and fought for his life, punching and kicking the crocodile for fifteen minutes before his efforts and those of the person who came to his aid and hit the large croc across the head with a branch, permitted him to escape.

The Difference Between a Crocodile and an Alligator

Crocodile and Alligator comparison.

Crocodile (top) and Alligator (bottom).

Mr Bairstow suffered multiple puncture wounds, dislocations and fractures including a broken finger.  The area is well-known for its large crocodiles and local fishing guide Dave Donald says that Todd was lucky to survive.

Mr Donald stated:

“His legs were very badly damaged and they think the croc may have tried to roll with him while he was still hanging onto the mangrove roots and made quite a mess of his legs.  It did try to grab him again as he was being dragged out of the water apparently, it was pretty aggressive.

Wildlife rangers will search for the crocodile in the hope they can locate it and remove it from the wild.  It is likely that a trap will be set so that the crocodile can be relocated to an area which is less populated.

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