Latest Information from Royal Mail about North American Deliveries

With U.S. Homeland security services having increased checks and having employed additional security measures to check incoming mail to North America, customers using Airmail, Airsure and Surface Mail services have experienced further delays with their parcels.  We at Everything Dinosaur do all we can to ensure a prompt despatch of orders, checking customs forms, addresses and ensuring that customers are contacted with details of when and how their parcel(s) are being sent out.

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Royal Mail Information

Below is a transcript from the Royal Mail outlining the latest information on mail services to the USA and Canada.  Reading between the lines, it seems that Royal Mail acknowledges that there have been considerable delays to their normally very efficient mail service.  At Everything Dinosaur, we monitor parcels sent abroad and through our communications with our customers we have built up a picture of how long mail is actually taking to reach destinations in the United States.  Having to wait up to 30 working days for a parcel sent by Airmail service is an experience that a number of our overseas customers have had.

The Royal Mail update: (7th March)

“Further to the recent increased security measures for items carried on passenger airlines to the USA, Royal Mail has continued to work with relevant airlines and deploy a range of contingency measures and routes to get as much mail to the States as quickly as possible.

We are pleased to confirm that the vast majority of items have now reverted back to being flown to the USA, with only a small amount of mail having to be diverted to alternative routes, including sea containers.

As a result, most items, including personal and business letters and packets, should be delivered in the US within a few days of posting.  However, delays of about two weeks may continue for heavier packets sent by social (non-contract) customers that are still unable to fly due to security restrictions.  We are continuing to explore alternative solutions for these items, to return them to air transit as soon as possible

Royal Mail is very sorry for the recent unavoidable delays; we are continuing to work to minimise disruption to our customers, whilst ensuring we comply fully with the US directives and regulations.”

Everything Dinosaur

Customers at Everything Dinosaur can be reassured that we are doing all we can to help expedite parcel deliveries.

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