Everything Dinosaur’s Articles are Recognised for their Excellence

A major e-zine publisher, an online resource for articles and information has recognised the efforts of our Everything Dinosaur team members by granting them “expert” status on the strength of their article submissions to the e-zine website.

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur’s staff include qualified teachers and dinosaur experts and between them they have produced a wide variety of articles ranging from information on the latest interpretation of fossil finds to model reviews and commentary related to dinosaur teaching resources in schools.

These articles (and this web log) have also been used by teachers in international language schools to help students who do not have English as a first language with their studies.

Everything Dinosaur’s E-zine Articles Awarded Expert Status

As Featured On EzineArticles

We are very honoured to receive accolade and we would like to pass on our thanks to all the people who helped with our various writing projects.

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