New Model of T. rex for 2011 from Safari

Hot on the trail of the new releases from Safari in the Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles series of authentic scale model replicas, comes this new interpretation of Tyrannosaurus rex.  Part of the Wild Safari Dinos model range, this is a new model of T. rex, one that we assume will replace the existing model within the current Wild Safari Dinos range.  Safari Ltd have introduced a new Tyrannosaurus rex model.

The New T. rex Model

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus rex Model

The model shows this, most famous of all theropod dinosaurs, in a new pose.  It is less upright and the head more in proportion to the rest of the body and to the feet.  Another subtle difference between this model and earlier versions of T. rex are the position of digits one and two on the hands.  In earlier models, the fingers point downwards, in what we call the “bunny position”.  However, in this new model the figures point towards each other, in what we call the “grasping position”.  This reflects some of the latest research into tyrannosaurs and their anatomy.

This model should be available in the spring of 2011.

To view the range of Wild Safari Prehistoric World models and figures available from Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

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