Snow, Snow and more Snow

When the UK’s annual snow fall levels are compared to other locations around the world, even ones that share the same latitude as ourselves, we actually get off quite lightly when it comes to the cold, white stuff.  However, as usual, with any heavy snow falls there will be problems including difficulties with delivering parcels via road and rail. Everything Dinosaur team members would like to update customers about parcel deliveries, especially as we approach the festive season.

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Today, we have just been examining the amount of rock salt that we have in the warehouse, so that we can grit the yard around the warehouse as needs be.  Discussing the onset of bad weather with colleagues and the local courier company it seems that there will be some disruption to courier and other delivery services, including Royal Mail.

Everything Dinosaur’s Van Covered in Snow

Everything Dinosaur's "dino van" covered in snow.

A dinosaur van covered in snow.  Bad weather could lead to delays with parcel deliveries.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

Naturally, we at Everything Dinosaur will do all we can to turn around orders quickly, to pack them and despatch them to ensure any delays due to adverse weather conditions are minimised.

For information about our deliveries: Everything Dinosaur Delivery Information.

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