Resuscitating a Triceratops (or an Apatosaurus or Stegosaurus for that Matter)

With the onset of the first severe frosts of winter, time to get out your wheat grain filled dinosaur Bedtime Buddies.  These cute and adorable dinosaur themed soft toys are filled with special wheat grains and scented with lavender and are designed to be heated in the microwave to provide children with a scented, warm bedtime buddy to curl up to in bed.  There are three different dinosaurs in the current range, a purple Stegosaurus, a deep blue Triceratops and a green Apatosaurus.

Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus

The Apatosaurus is sometimes marketed as a Brontosaurus but as all young dinosaur fans know, the name Brontosaurus is no longer valid and this dinosaur formerly known as Brontosaurus (Thunder Lizard) has been renamed.

The Dinosaur Bedtime Buddy Range

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Cute Dinosaur Soft Toy

These beat a hot water bottle any day, a cute toy dinosaur which is fully microwavable to make a super soft, cuddly and warm bedtime buddy.

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As the soft toy gets microwaved then it gradually loses its lavender fragrance.  However, there is no need to panic, since every product that is in the Everything Dinosaur shop has been tested by ourselves and our own pet test families and researchers we know exactly what to do to revive your bedtime buddy and bring back its soothing lavender scent.

Bedtime Buddies

When the bedtime buddy is cold, carefully put a few drops of a good quality lavender oil onto it and this will bring back the relaxing scent.  In our tests, we found that four drops of lavender on the Triceratops worked best, we placed three evenly spaced along the back and one on the belly.  A similar arrangement worked for the purple Stegosaurus, but for the Apatosaurus we used five drops.  We put a drop on the head of the Apatosaurus, one into neck, with a further two more into the body.  Once again, the final drop was placed on the tummy.

We found it was better to put top up drops of lavender oil onto the soft toy when it was cold as microwaving the bedtime buddy really brought out the aroma and it was more difficult to judge when enough drops had been added.

A Triceratops Fossilised Skeleton on Display at a Museum

Triceratops Fossil on Display

A cast of a Triceratops skeleton on display at the Naturmuseum Senckenberg (Natural History Museum – Frankfurt). On the left a wall mounted example of a Plateosaurus can be seen. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

By reviving the bedtime buddies in this way we found that the lovely smell of lavender was always on hand, these high quality soft toys should provide you with thousands of hours soothing warmth and comfort – just the ticket for these cold nights.

*Following a revision of diplodocid fossil remains, Brontosaurus is once again a valid genus.

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