Dinosaur Models in a Net – An Inexpensive Gift

Looking for a easy, inexpensive, yet creative Christmas gift?  Why not try a “Dinosaurs in a Net Set” from Everything Dinosaur.  Here is a short video that explains how to create your very own and unique dinosaur model gift set, a gift that will cost you a fraction of what you spend if you have to buy something similar on the high street.

“Dinosaurs in a Net Set” from Everything Dinosaur

An inexpensive gift idea – dinosaurs in a net.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

This is a simple idea, one that will appeal no doubt to mums and dads purchasing dinosaur models and toys for their  young dinosaur fans.  After all, dinosaur toys are a big hit at Christmas.

Dinosaur Models

Dinosaur models and replicas of prehistoric animals are wonderful for helping children to develop imaginative and creative play. Learning about dinosaurs is often one of the first term topics that children encounter when they move up from nursery into the reception year group. After all, who doesn’t like learning about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.

A Selection of Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

Papo prehistoric animal models in stock.  Dinosaur models in stock.
Everything Dinosaur received (mid July 2021) a large shipment of Papo prehistoric animal models. More than a dozen Papo figures are now back in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

The models shown above are from the Papo prehistoric animal model range.

To view this collection: Papo Dinosaur Models.

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