Update on Everything Dinosaur Prehistoric Animal Fact sheet Production

For every named prehistoric animal that is represented in the Everything Dinosaur product range, from Palaeozoic invertebrates right up to prehistoric Ice Age mammals, we research and write a fact sheet on that animal.

Everything Dinosaur

Over the last six years or so, our team members have built up an extensive library, working on a huge variety of prehistoric creatures, we can’t say that we merely focus on extinct animals anymore, as a few months ago we added a Coelacanth fact sheet to our inventory.  Although, very much endangered, there are at least two species of the genus Latimeria extant (alive today) and known to modern science.

For each fact sheet, we commission a scale drawing so that readers can appreciate how big the animals were in relation to a fully grown adult human.  We provide information on the fossils found, who first discovered them, where the fossils were discovered and when.  We provide information on the likely diet (with T. rex that was easy, but for therizinosaurs and oviraptorids things get a little more tricky).  Team members try to add little snippets of information that would not be found in a reference book, something unusual about the particular animal being written about.

Prehistoric Animal Fact Sheets

We have just been briefed on the new fact sheet and drawing requirements for 2011, at least another eight fact sheets with illustrations will be required for the spring.  Some dinosaurs but mostly other extinct reptiles.

A Selection of Everything Dinosaur Prehistoric Animal Fact Sheets

Fact sheets prepared by Everything Dinosaur for the Beasts of the Mesozoic range of models.

A collection of Beasts of the Mesozoic fact sheets created by Everything Dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Looks like our researchers and writers at Everything Dinosaur are going to be very busy.

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