New Safari Toobs for 2011 – Sharks and Crocodiles

As well as introducing a number of individual prehistoric animal models into their Wild Dinos and Carnegie ranges, Safari are also launching two new tubes (called Toobs) in 2011.  We revealed what the new models were in exclusive articles published on this blog recently.

New Carnegie Models 2011: Carnegie Product Releases 2011.

Wild Dinos: Safari Wild Dinos Model Releases 2011.

Safari is going to release two sets of must have collectibles, the first features a range of ten prehistoric sharks, charting the evolution of these marine predators.  The second tube features a range of prehistoric crocodile models.

The New Safari Prehistoric Crocodile Toob

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Prehistoric Animal Models

The crocodile tube (toobs) consists of the following models: Champsosaurus, Chasmotosaurus, Dakosaurus, Desmatosuchus, Euparkeria, Montealtosuchus, Postosuchus, Pristichampsus, Rutiodon validus, Sarcosuchus.  Great to see such a diverse range of different types of crocodile in this particular set.

The New Safari Toob of Prehistoric Sharks

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Toob of prehistoric sharks features the following:

Cretoxyrhina, Cladoselache, Edestus, Helicoprion, Hybodus, Ornithoprion, Orthacanthus, Scapanorhynchus, Stethacanthus and Xenacanthus.

Prehistoric animal models and dinosaur figures to buy on-line from Everything Dinosaur including new for 2011 prehistoric animal toobs.

To view the current range of Everything Dinosaur prehistoric animal models and figures: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models.

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