Being Chased by Tyrannosaurus rex

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be chased by a hungry, ferocious T. rex?  If you think you can shepherd your herd of dinosaurs to safety and avoid becoming part of a Tyrannosaurus rex dinner, then this board game called simply “Tyrannosaurus rex“; might be the thing for you.  From two to four players, the object of the game is to take your dinosaur charges from the bone dry desert to the safety of their lush jungle home.

Each player starts with four different types of herbivorous dinosaurs, the aim is to race your pieces around the bright and colourful playing board, but watch out!  There’s a hungry T. rex about – aiming to catch as many of your dinosaurs as he can.  This dice based game has proved popular on test with our families, we ourselves have played it in the office, there is a bit of skill and strategy required to make it to home safely.  It is certainly a very innovative dinosaur themed board game.

Tyrannosaurus rex – Board Game

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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This game is suitable for dinosaur fans from 5 years and upwards, it is easy to play and the rules are quite simple.  We played a slight variant swapping the dinosaur shaped counters supplied with the game with some mini dinosaur models, we also added one or two rules of our own, for example, we gave every player four models of the same type of dinosaur, rather than four different ones, as in the conventional game.  For each dinosaur species we made a special rule, for example the ornithomimids (speedy ostrich-like dinosaurs) had a weighted dice throw as they could have run more quickly than the other dinosaurs represented in the board game.  For the armoured dinosaurs we gave them extra protection so they could resist more effectively a T. rex attack.  For the pachycephalosaurs, (boneheads) represented in the board game, we gave them a little more protection, but not as much as the armoured dinosaurs, and a touch more speed, but not as much as the ostrich-like dinosaurs.  We enjoyed experimenting with the game to see what other versions we could come up with.