The Twenty Best Web Logs for Primatologists

For those of you wishing to follow in the footsteps of Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall and to study our nearest living relatives – the apes and monkeys, here is a heads up on the top blogs to be found on the subject of all things primatology, as provided by the E-advisor blog.

This particular article states that one of the fascinating things about primatology — the study of primates, for those who’ve forgotten their suffixes — is that it can be applied to so many professional fields, from biology and zoology to more far-reaching areas like anthropology and psychology.  Studying these animals means examining our close relatives and learning what makes them, us, and the world itself tick.  The article highlights a number of college courses in the field that cover everything from animal behaviour to the languages of apes, and from the study of habitats to the exploration of human-primate interaction.  The blogs rounded up by the article team, perhaps the collective noun should be a “troop” of blogs given the nature of their specialism, are among the best in the field, especially for students looking to get a better understanding of all primatology has to offer.

As the article writers at E-advisor say, the blogs provide insights and updates on research, plus monkey pictures!

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s user-friendly website: Everything Dinosaur.

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