Walking with Three Dimensional Dinosaurs

The BBC is to co-produce its first ever 3-D movie and they have looked at their ground breaking “Walking with Dinosaurs” series for inspiration.  The BBC is intending to produce a dinosaur movie.

When “Walking with Dinosaurs” was first aired more than ten years ago, it set new standards in computer graphics, robotics and animatronics.  The subsequent worldwide sales of this programme and the spin-off series netted the corporation vast sums of money.  This new movie project, estimated to cost something in the order of £40 million will combine live action with new computer technology – LIDAR (light, detection and ranging).

Dinosaur Movie

The use of LIDAR is particularly appropriate, a case of art imitating life for a number of palaeontologists as a form of LIDAR technology has been used by scientists to detect fossils laying buried underneath sediment, helping field workers to decide where best to dig.

A spokesperson for the project stated that the use of 3-D cameras will create: “never before seen levels of invisibility between live action and CGI worlds.”

This news will please those clever people behind the “Walking with” live show, perhaps another world tour will be required.

The film is the first of three new big screen ventures to be co-produced by BBC Earth – the global natural history brand for BBC Worldwide – and Indian giant Reliance Big Entertainment.  The dinosaur film will be co-directed by Pierre De Lespinois, of 3-D studio Evergreen Films, and BBC Earth’s Neil Nightingale.

The second co-production will be a £15 million docu-feature called Africa 3D. It will be filmed alongside the BBC’s forthcoming major TV series of the same name.  A third programme, entitled “Life” a follow up to the BBC series about the animal kingdom will be available in 2011.

Marcus Arthur, BBC Worldwide’s managing director of global brands, said:

“By partnering with Reliance Big Entertainment, we have the opportunity to realise a long-held ambition of making BBC Earth 3D feature films.”

Looks like we at Everything Dinosaur, will have to invest in some snazzy red and green glasses.

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