Fossil Enthusiasts Attracted to Lyme Regis

The extreme tides along the Dorset coastline was the topic we chose to write about in one of our recent web log posts.  Very low tides which had been preceded by stormy weather and rough seas would mean that lots of new fossil material would be exposed on the beaches at locations such as Lyme Regis and Charmouth in Dorset.  These conditions will have attracted fossil hunters from far and wide.

To read our original article: Low Tides could Lead to a Fossil Finding Bonanza.

Fossil Hunters

The lowest tides of the year, would, we predicted, provide fossil enthusiasts the opportunity to discover some amazing fossil material.  Our article was picked up by a local newspaper (Bridport and Lyme Regis News – Dorset) and ourselves and one of our fossil finding chums, Brandon Lennon of  Lyme Regis Fossil Walks were featured in a newspaper report.

Brandon, was even telephoned by one of the journalists as he took a party on one of his fossil walks to explore the beach.   As Brandon says, he was telephoned “to give a live update on the fossil discoveries.”

Under Brandon’s expert guidance his party had found some super Ammonite fossils, including an Asteroceras.  Some Ichthyosaur vertebrae (marine reptile), were found a little further up the beach.  It seems our predictions about there being a fossil finding bonanza came true.

Clipping from the Local Newspaper

Picture credit: Bridport and Lyme Regis News

The picture shows Brandon (far right) on one of his guided fossil walks.  The newspaper article comments that fossil hunters were alerted to the chance of finding some amazing fossils by the “respected national website Everything Dinosaur”.  The article went onto quote a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur who said:

“This could lead to a number of exciting fossil finds as a combination of rough seas in the previous few days and low tides expose potential new discoveries”.

It is nice to know that our little blog (not so little now I suppose as we approach our 1,200th article), is able to help promote and publicise fossil hunting activities in the UK.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.

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