Glow in the Dark Jigsaw from Everything Dinosaur – Dinosaurs for Christmas

A busy Summer has been had by all at Everything Dinosaur, and now as we get into the middle of September all the products, toys and games that we have had on test are starting to be put in our warehouse ready for the Christmas rush.  Everything we stock has to get past our own very diligent team of dinosaur experts, who review books, games and toys and rate them for their educational benefits and creative play.  We then have our own team of pet testers who give us feedback on those products that they try out.

In amongst all the new items coming into our store is this delightful and unusual dinosaur themed jigsaw.

The Dinosaurs Alive Glow in the Dark Jigsaw

Glow in the dark dinosaur jigsaw puzzle.

A glow in the dark dinosaur jigsaw puzzle.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle

This colourful, 100 piece dinosaur jigsaw proved very popular with our testers.  They liked the lively dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed picture and appreciated the well-made and easy to fit together jigsaw pieces.  The real treat was when it got dark, as the picture glows at night and shows the skeletons of the animals.  The image glows in the dark and the likes of Tyrannosaurus rex, pterosaurs, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and even a small marine reptile are revealed – bones and all.  Buried in the picture are other fossils that can be seen after dark, hidden dinosaur bones, just like going on a real excavation.  This is a well-designed jigsaw puzzle with a glow in the dark twist that our testers loved.

Switch of the Lights and the Jigsaw Glows

Glow in the dark dinosaur jigsaw puzzle.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We are not quite sure what geological formation the picture represents and it would make life a lot easier if we could find real glow in the dark dinosaur fossils, still this is an unusual and quirky jigsaw puzzle that ticked all the right boxes for our dinosaur fans who helped with the research.  What you might say is a “bright idea for a Christmas gift”.