Picture of a Dragonfly to Help Teach about Fossils

As team members at Everything Dinosaur prepare for a dinosaur workshop as the Summer term draws to a close, we have been asked to show examples of living creatures that have been around on planet Earth for a long time.  Naturally we have dug out our information on the Tuatara from New Zealand, plus information on Horseshoe crabs and other such creatures, all part of our preparations for teaching about dinosaurs with Year 4.

Coincidently, one of our team members spotted a dragonfly emerging from our office pond and they were able to take a photograph whilst this beautiful insect was drying its wings.

A Picture of a Dragonfly

Fossils of Dragonflies preserved from the Carboniferous.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur


Always a pleasure to see a member of the Odonta Order emerging from our office pond, such creatures have, very rarely been preserved in the fossil record.

To read an article on the discovery of a dragonfly fossil: Spectacular Insect Fossil from the Eastern USA.

Dragonflies are amazing aerial acrobats and Everything Dinosaur team members enjoy watching them during their office breaks, in between preparing lesson plans for more dinosaur workshops of course.

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