New CollectA Dinosaur Models Available from Everything Dinosaur

Have you ever fancied a model of a Chasmosaurus or a Cetiosaurus?  Perhaps ornithopods are more to your liking, even bizarre and feathered ones like Psittacosaurus.  Everything Dinosaur are pleased to announce that the new range of CollectA models including the CollectA Chasmosaurus and the CollectA Cetiosaurus have arrived in stock.

CollectA Dinosaur Models

The Chasmosaurus Model (CollectA Dinosaurs)

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Those clever teachers and dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur have arranged to ship into the UK an exclusive range of hand-painted, high quality prehistoric animal models from the CollectA range.  These new models include Lambeosaurus, Eotyrannus, Muttaburrasaurus and Tenontosaurus.  Many of the models represent dinosaurs that are simply not found in other model collections.  As always, each model is supplied with its own prehistoric animal fact sheet researched and written by the experts at Everything Dinosaur and with the addition of these models there is now over sixty different CollectA dinosaur models sold by Everything Dinosaur.

Cetiosaurus (Whale Lizard) CollectA Dinosaurs Model

CollectA Cetiosaurus (early sauropod).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

These finely detailed models are bound to be very popular, especially since they are virtually unobtainable within the United Kingdom, but thanks to Everything Dinosaur models of dinosaurs such as Corythosaurus, Gigantoraptor and the armoured dinosaur Wuerhosaurus are available to UK dinosaur fans.

To view the CollectA model range and other dinosaur models: CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Life Models.