Jurassic Park Director set for Return to Dinosaur Genre

It has been reported in the American showbiz magazine, Variety that the famous Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is in talks with Fox about him becoming involved in a new dinosaur/lost world television series – Terra Nova.

Terra Nova

For Spielberg, who directed the first Jurassic Park film (1993), it could mean the chance to work with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals again.  He has often been quoted as having a fascination for dinosaurs and has expressed a desire to get involved with projects involving dinosaur and time travelling themes.

According to the magazine Variety, the concept of Terra Nova involves a family from the future being transported back in time to the Late Jurassic, 150 million years into prehistory.

Spielberg in Talks

Spielberg is in talks with the chairman of the 20th Century Fox Network, Peter Chernin regarding the possibility of Spielberg acting as executive producer on this new family, sci-fi drama.  Sources at Variety have reported that Fox are keen to make the television series and want to jump straight into making episodes rather than take the more traditional route of creating a pilot to test how the programme would be received.  It is very likely that the series, if made would then be syndicated around the world.

A spokesman for Everything Dinosaur, stated that this was welcome news and the concept of a CGI based dinosaur show would have widespread appeal.  However, it is not known how this development could affect the prospects for a long awaiting Jurassic Park 4 movie, although scripts have been written and directors discussed, this particular project seems to be forever in pre-production.

Set in the Late Cretaceous

The television series is rumoured to be set either in the Late Jurassic or the Late Cretaceous and there will be lots of encounters with dinosaurs and pterosaurs.  Everything Dinosaur stocks a huge range of models and figures including Jurassic and Cretaceous prehistoric fauna: Dinosaur Models and Figures.