Everything Dinosaur Brings in New Papo Models

Everything Dinosaur, the UK based dinosaur company run by parents, teachers and real dinosaur experts is to bring in Papo models for the first time.  Announcing the addition of Papo prehistoric animal models to their already extensive model range, a spokesperson for the company commented on how they had admired the Papo models for a long time and that they were delighted to be able to stock them.

Papo Dinosaur Models

Papo, the France based model and figure manufacturer have been making specialist figures for more than a quarter of a century.  They specialise in producing highly detailed, historical figures, animals and characters from films.  The dinosaur range, or as the French would say “Dinosaures” includes four new models, a Plesiosaurus, Oviraptor, Pachyrhinosaurus and a new Velociraptor colouration.  Everything Dinosaur will be stocking all these products, although the Plesiosaurus will not be available until late Spring.

To view the current Papo model range: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

As well as the dinosaur figures, Papo produces a pair of finely detailed Stone Age people models, one with a stone hand axe, the other with a flint spear.

The Prehistoric Figures from Papo

Picture credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

It is fitting for a French company to have two superb caveman models to add to their collection of dinosaur models, as France is famous for early modern human settlements and remains as well as many Neanderthal artefacts and fossilised bones.  Papo dinosaur models are highly collectible and very carefully painted.  These dinosaur and prehistoric animal figures are highly regarded by dinosaur fans of all ages.

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