Confusion over “Bronto” Burgers – A Helpful Explanation

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How not to impress eight year-olds – use the name Brontosaurus

Team members at Everything Dinosaur, were discussing yesterday an incident that happened at a local tourist attraction that they had been involved with, providing some advice and support for a dinosaur themed event.  It seems that the event organisers wanted to offer some dinosaur themed food and had a barbecue with sausages, burgers and other treats.  Having a barbecue in the great British Summer is a risk in itself, after all, the weather in July has not been exactly wonderful over most parts of the country.

However, it wasn’t the weather that caused the problem. The organisers had tried to theme up the food on sale with their dinosaur event.  There were Stegosaurus sausages, Spinosaurus salad and salsa, even some Diplodocus dips – very creative.  Unfortunately, they had also got some “Brontosaurus burgers” on sale.  Some of the young visitors soon pointed out that the name Brontosaurus is no longer valid and this dinosaur is officially referred to as Apatosaurus.  Many children obsess on dinosaurs and are able to read up on and absorb so many facts that they can quickly spot any potential mistakes.  They are quick to point things out when the grown ups get it wrong.


Fortunately, one of our team members was on hand to help out, a quick visit to the our office to print out some extra sauropod drawing materials and the “Brontosaurus burgers” were soon changed to “Brachiosaurus burgers” and everybody was happy once again.


Following a revision of diplodocid fossil material, the Brontosaurus genus is now recognised as valid.

A Brontosaurus Dinosaur Model


Mojo Fun Brontosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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