A Montage of CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models

Team members at Everything Dinosaur really enjoy looking at the clever images that are created by CollectA and put in the CollectA prehistoric animal model sections of their product catalogues.  Not only are the dinosaur models amazing to look at, but some of the clever scenes that CollectA create are amazing too. Many dinosaur model collectors and model makers use these figures to help re-create prehistoric scenes and from the image reproduced below you can start to see why.

A Montage of CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models

Collecta prehistoric animals feature in montage.

CollectA prehistoric animals feature in montage.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

CollectA dinosaur models are certainly very well painted and we commend the company for the creative artwork on display in the brochures.

The CollectA Age of Dinosaurs (Prehistoric Life) model range is extremely diverse. It features pterosaurs, marine reptiles, prehistoric mammals, prehistoric invertebrates such as trilobites, ammonites and belemnite figures, and of course, lots and lots of dinosaurs.

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