Start Exploring Dinosaurs – Box Set (Christmas Gift Idea)

This time of year we get lots of phone calls and emails from Mums, Dads, and Grandparents asking advice about purchasing Christmas gifts for children, how can they help them start exploring dinosaurs?  Since our company is made up of parents, teachers and dinosaur experts we are well placed to make recommendations.  Indeed, as we conduct our own focus groups and test products before they go into our shop we have a big database which helps us provide information and advice.

Often we are asked to recommend something that will entertain, educate and won’t be a “five minute wonder” to quote one parent.  There are a lot of very good quality and excellent items in our ranges but one particular gift idea is the Start Exploring Dinosaurs Kit.

Start Exploring Dinosaurs Activity Set

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Discover the secrets of dinosaurs with this entertaining and educational activity pack.  Kit comes complete with watercolour pencils, paintbrush, young palaeontologist’s handbook, in fact everything you need to complete the posters, make the puzzle, build the model.  Lots and lots of dinosaur themed activities which can be used to help turn a child’s bedroom into their own “Jurassic Park”.

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