Teaching about Dinosaurs and Fossils in School

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Dinosaur Workshops in School

Schools may be preparing for the culmination of the Autumn term ending in the Christmas festivities but team members at Everything Dinosaur are busy keeping up their appearances in schools to undertake dinosaur themed workshops and to help children learn all about dinosaurs and fossils.

As a term topic, something like “dinosaurs” or ” the Jurassic forest” lend themselves to a vast array of extension activities.  These activities encompass numeracy, literacy, creative writing, ICT as well as art and dance.  One of our dinosaur experts visiting a school to conduct a dinosaur workshop was treated to a dance by primary school children that helped explain the extinction of the Dinosauria.  On display in the classroom were lots of artwork as well as examples of prehistoric animal themed stories written by the children.

Primary School Children Participate in a Dinosaur Workshop in School

Everything Dinosaur's visit to a school.

Everything Dinosaur’s visit to a school. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The children were keen to show off their fossil casts of specimens from the Everything Dinosaur collection and they also were keen to ask our dinosaur expert lots of questions and to demonstrate their subject knowledge acquired through independent learning.

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The children had constructed a number of bar charts and pie diagrams as they classified dinosaurs in different ways.  This ties in very effectively to Key Stage 1 teaching objectives that involve how to express data and how to demonstrate the plotting and recording of figures.