Carnegie Collectibles Baryonyx

Safari Ltd have a number of theropod dinosaur models in the scale prehistoric animal model series called Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles.  Amongst, the meat-eating dinosaurs represented is the European Early Cretaceous fish-eating dinosaur known as Baryonyx.

The Baryonyx Dinosaur Model (Carnegie Collectibles)

1:40 scale model of Baryonyx

1:40 scale model of Baryonyx. The model is part of the now retired (2014), Carnegie Collectibles model range.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Baryonyx Dinosaur Model

This colourful dinosaur model balances well and it measures an impressive twenty-two centimetres in length. Like all the Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models it is extremely well painted and the replica shows lots of details.  This is a hand-painted prehistoric animal model.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s full range of Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models and other prehistoric animal model ranges stock by the UK-based company: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

A number of reviews by customers have been published on the Carnegie Collectibles Baryonyx, a typical review can be found below:

Customer Review

“Nice sculpt, faithful to the fossil material.  Paint job is well suited and well executed.  Overall an excellent collectible model by Safari Ltd.”

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