Why not Try Dinosaur this Christmas?  Everything Dinosaur Christmas Press Release

It may not even be half way through September, but the team members at Everything Dinosaur are already busy with preparations for their Christmas press release.  This year our testers and staff have drawn up a short-list of products and produced a Christmas gift themed press release.  Here are a range of excellent dinosaur toys for Christmas.

Everything Dinosaur is a unique, British based mail order company staffed by parents, teachers and dinosaur experts.  From soft and cuddly prehistoric animals, to educational posters, books, puzzles, models and kits Everything Dinosaur offers fabulous, fun and informative gift ideas for Christmas.

To visit the company website: Everything Dinosaur.

Run by passionate and knowledgeable amateur palaeontologists and teachers, this is no ordinary mail order business but one that strives to help motivate young people to learn more about Earth sciences through their fascination with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

From the adorable and cuddly prehistoric animal soft toys such as the Woolly Mammoth Mum and Baby set to the clever Dinosaur Excavation game there is truly something for everyone, of all ages. And, if you need to give Santa a hand to fill stockings, then a visit to the company’s Party Gifts and Stocking Fillers section should have young dinosaur fans “roaring with delight” on Christmas day.

Prehistoric Animal Plush: Dinosaur Soft Toys.

For Mums and Dads wanting to provide their own little monsters with a Christmas gift that is both entertaining and educational, then the Start Exploring Dinosaur Kit fits the bill. This box set includes a whole host of dinosaur themed activities – model making, posters, stickers, fact sheets, a mobile and puzzles, just about everything needed to help fire the imagination of a budding palaeontologist!

For the person who loves an unusual present, why not surprise them with a replica fossil tooth from a Sabre-toothed cat! All the items on the Everything Dinosaur website have been tested by parents and children and the knowledgeable teachers and dinosaur enthusiasts behind the company pride themselves in being able to supply imaginative and informative gifts. Take for example our Weird dinosaurs poster – illustrating some of the wonderful and amazing new dinosaur discoveries.

The Dinosaur Toy Carrier/Tidy is ideal for little hands and prevents bedroom floors from becoming cluttered. After all, young dinosaur fans must keep their prehistoric animals under control.

The team at Everything Dinosaur are more than just mail order retailers; they are dinosaur enthusiasts who promote education and knowledge on this huge subject. The company specialises in the supply of dinosaur and prehistoric animal related toy and hobby products.  Working in association with museums and other educational bodies, many of the items supplied help raise funds for palaeontologists so they can continue their research and put on dinosaur events and exhibitions.