Schleich Dinosaur Models

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have created an image which shows three Schleich dinosaur models, namely Brachiosaurus, the sail-backed Spinosaurus and Allosaurus.

A Trio of Schleich Dinosaurs

Schleich dinosaurs are available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Dinosaur Models

The German model manufacturer Schleich has built up a solid reputation for making dinosaur toys and prehistoric animal models. These replicas are great for imaginative, creative play.  All three dinosaur models are new for this year (2008) and are part of an extensive prehistoric animal range manufactured by the German company.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s current range of Schleich dinosaur toys and the other prehistoric animal figures the UK-based company stocks: Schleich Dinosaurs and Other Dinosaur Models.