New Schleich Allosaurus Model

Joining the new additions of a Spinosaurus and an updated version of a brachiosaur in the Schleich scale model “Saurus” range comes a new interpretation of an Allosaurus.  This new model of this fierce, Jurassic predator stands 12 cm tall and is nearly 30 cm long.  Hand-painted in the now typical colours used to depict an allosaur green mottled effect with prominent red eye crests, this certainly is a handsome beast.

Modelled on an Allosaurus fragilis from the Morrison Formation of the Upper Jurassic, this new Schleich dinosaurs model would make a fine addition to any serious collector’s set of Allosauridae models.

Model Allosaurus from Schleich

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Allosaurus

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When we first viewed the prototype of this particular model, we were a little concerned as the feet had been enlarged to permit this bipedal animal to be stable and to provide scope for a more life-like posture.  The proportions of the model generally work well and provide a degree of realism to the posture and depict this fierce dinosaur as an active hunter – which in reality allosaurs certainly were.

Perhaps Allosaurus is the best known and most researched of all the Jurassic theropods.  This is due to the large number of fossils of this dinosaur found in the USA.  To date fossils ascribed to this particular species of Allosaurus (A. fragilis) have been found in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming

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