A Rare Model – Bullyland Ancient Horse Model

The extremely rare Bullyland Prehistoric World range, a set of 1:24 scale models made by Bullyland of Germany includes the Bullyland ancient horse model and these figures have been in the news streams of a number of model collector forums recently.  This range, largely retired this year, is going to be increasingly difficult to acquire and as a result model prices have rocketed.  However, we at Everything Dinosaur don’t believe in exploiting the rarity of a model or replica by demanding high buying prices for such figures, we would rather help genuine model collectors complete their collections.

Bullyland Ancient Horse

Take for example, the prehistoric model horse (58360 – Anchitherium).  This model is quite small it measures a fraction under ten centimetres in length. We have come across models on auction sites being offered for sale at very over inflated prices, this is not the way that we at Everything Dinosaur like to do business, so our prices for such models even the most rare will always be reasonable and fair.

The Bullyland Prehistoric Horse Model

Bullyland 1:24 scale approx prehistoric horse model

Bullyland 1:24 scale approx prehistoric horse model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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