Helpful Dinosaur Cookie Cutters Prove a Success

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Dinosaur Cookie Cutters – Make Dinosaur Shaped Biscuits and Snacks

Ideal for making Tyrannosaurus rex or Triceratops shaped snacks for dinosaur parties, a strong, sturdy set of dinosaur shaped cookie cutters, great for baking, school projects or even for cutting out shapes when working with clay.  A metal dinosaur shaped cookie cutter set, ideal for young, hungry palaeontologists!   The set includes four super prehistoric animal shaped biscuit cutters – T. rex, Triceratops,  the long-necked Diplodocus and a super plated Stegosaurus.

Make Meal Times into Dinosaur Times
Dinosaur Cookie Cutters ideal for a dinosaur party!

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters ideal for a dinosaur party!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Just what you need to make your dinosaur party a “roaring” success.

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