Young Dinosaur Fans Say Thanks to Everything Dinosaur

Following a trip to Staffordshire to visit a primary school to work with Year 1 and Year 2 children as they studied dinosaurs, our fossil expert set the children a challenge.  Could they produce for her a thank you letter which began with a capital letter, had connectives and used punctuation correctly?

A couple of weeks later our mail bag was extra full as the post office delivered around forty letters. Encouraged by their teachers the children had written some lovely thank you letters to Everything Dinosaur.

For example, Taijah wrote:

“Dear Everything Dinosaur,

Thank you for teaching us about dinosaur fossils.  My favourite part was when you showed me the dinosaur bones.”

Milly added:

“Thank you for teaching us about dinosaurs.”

thank you letter

Lexie wrote to say she had a good time studying dinosaurs.  A typical thank you letter received by Everything Dinosaur.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs as a term topic or even as part of a special science week in primary schools can really help young children get to grips with some fundamentals of science such as observation, investigation and experimentation.  Teaching about dinosaurs in school lends itself to all sort of other extension activities such as independent learning, creative writing and even numeracy exercises.

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Young Taylor-Joe summed out the benefits of a school visit from Everything Dinosaur when she wrote in her letter:

“I loved learning about dinosaurs and thank you for letting me help with the fossils that you showed the class.  I had a great time.”

To learn more about the team at Everything Dinosaur: About Us.